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2024 - TBC

Winter Harp

Winter Harp 30th anniversary tour

What (Information from 2023): Celebrating their 30th anniversary this year, Winter Harp's highly popular concerts are a unique must-see: performers in olde-worlde costumes playing medieval-style instruments and evoking the timeless charms of the Yuletide period. Alongside flutes, violins and unusual antique instruments, the astonishingly beautiful classical and Celtic harps are the stars of the show, adding a velvety touch to traditional songs and yesteryear carols. With their crystalline vocals and magical staging, these shows are the musical equivalent of being wrapped in a warm blanket with a bottomless mug of hot chocolate. Winter Harp has scheduled a 13-show B.C. tour this holiday season, with multiple performances around Metro Vancouver. Book your tickets early, though: these concerts often sell out quickly!

When: TBC

Where: TBC

Cost: TBC

For more information, visit the official website or click on the advert above (2023 links disabled)

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