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John Lee from My Vancouver Christmas

As you may have guessed, I'm a huge Christmas nut.

Every year, I race around catching as many festive shows, events and attractions as I can. My family and many of my friends do the same. Sometimes, we miss things we'd love to have experienced...and we need large helpings of gluhwein to get over it.

And that was my tinsel-covered eureka moment.


I'm not the only local who loves Christmas and yet there was no go-to online resource for finding out all the cool stuff to do here during the festive season.

So, I sat down with my meager web skills, a mug of brandy-infused hot chocolate and the unfailing support of girlfriend Maggie and curious cat Max to create

On these pages, I'll be sharing the best of what's on during the Christmas season for Vancouver-area Yuletide fans like me. I'll also be telling you some festive stories and Max will be playing his part by reviewing locally-available Christmas gifts from his uniquely feline perspective.


The aim? To become a handy resource to help you plan your own cracking Christmas season.

I hope you find this little site useful - it's been a lot of fun to create. Please also join us on Twitter (@MyVanChristmas) to share your own Christmas tips, observations and Yuletide memories.


Finally, wherever you are, don't forget to have as much Christmassy fun as you possibly can - that's what it's all about!

Happy Christmas!


P.S. Yes, it's true: I'm growing this beard so I can become a mall Santa one day. Nearly there...

When not dreaming about Christmas, I'm a full-time freelance writer, specializing in travel. Check out my other work here.

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