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logo.png has been the go-to site for locals and visitors planning seasonal activities in and around the city since the olden days of 2017. In our 2023 season, we welcomed more than 135,000 unique visitors to the site!


Now in its seventh year, it's penned by total Christmas nut and multi-award-winning travel writer (and local Lonely Planet guidebook author) John Lee.


But it's not just about gathering all the area's festive activities into one handy, ribbon-tied package. Our Christmas gift correspondent Max also posts his pithy feline reviews of locally-available Christmas gifts. And there are seasonal tales for those craving a little light reading during the holidays. There are even giveaways for readers keen to win a pressie or two for themselves.

Sound like fun?

There are several ways you can get involved.

1. Enhance your Attractions, Events or Shows listings page. We have some exciting and innovative ways to help you get the word out.

2. Supply us with a locally-available product so Max can review it and tell our readers where to buy it.

3. Provide a giveaway prize for our readers (helping spread the word on your Christmas offering even further). Attraction passes and show tickets are especially welcome.


Contact us via the form below for more information on these sparkling opportunities. We'll reply promptly with everything you need to know.

A hearty thank you for supporting We fully appreciate your backing as we continue to build into a permanent digital presence that celebrates our region's Christmas scene for locals and visitors alike.

Here's To A Very Happy Christmas 2024!


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