Grouse Mountain: Peak of Christmas

What: A snow-dusted winter wonderland popular with festive-minded families. Unfortunately, due to recent provincial health orders, this year's run has now been cancelled.

Here's what it was like last year: Arguably the closest you can get to the North Pole without straying too far from the city, Grouse transforms into a magical, snow-covered winter wonderland at this time of year. And even if you're not skiing or snowboarding, there's more than enough to do among the icicle-draped trees and around the gabled lodge buildings. Hop aboard the view-tastic gondola ride to check out the summit illuminations, including a glowing, selfie-ready Light Walk. There's also a frozen pond to skate on and a pair of real-life reindeer to visit with. Plan to wrap-up and spend at least half a day here––it's well-worth it.

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