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Comedy perfomers James & Jamesy in O Christmas Tea.
2024 - TBC

O Christmas Tea

What (Information from 2023): Channeling the anarchic spirit of Python, Mr Bean and British pantomimes and also adding a hefty dose of madcap, highly physical and even surreal comedy, the whimsical BC-based UK comic duo James and Jamesy are back with what might be this season's most rib-tickling holiday stage show. Need a storyline? Try this on for size: when catastrophe strikes at their annual Christmas tea party and the world is flooded with tea, our heroes leap into action to save themselves and their audience from the rising tide, proving to all that friendship will always triumph over adversity.

When: TBC

Where: TBC

Cost: TBC

For more information and to book tickets, visit the official website (2023 link disabled)

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