Krampus Markt

What: Vancouver's second annual 'strange Christmas market' is a great place to check out a well-curated array of arts and crafts gift ideas, from chocolate to honey and from skincare items to cool ceramics. But when you attend an event named after the mythological (or is he?) goat-horned demon of Yule, you can expect a few surprises along the way. Book ahead and drop by for Friday's opening night reception (your $15 ticket includes a beer, canapes, a 'Kristmas gift' and live music) or wait for the weekend to peruse all your potential purchases. Whichever day you drop by, save time for the best seasonal gift you can send to your parents this year: a photo of you with Krampus himself (try not to cry).

When: December 6 (6pm-10pm), December 7 (noon-8pm) & December 8 (noon-4pm), 2019

Where: Strange Fellows Brewing, 1345 Clark Drive, Vancouver

Cost: Friday $15, Saturday & Sunday $2-$3

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