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Pinot Gris 2016

This review is from 2017

Max says: There used to be nothing I liked better than downing a large bowl of cheap booze and rolling around on the balcony yowling abuse at passing crows. But these days my tastes are far more sophisticated (and I'm also more scared of crows). It's taken me a while to get up-to-speed on British Columbia wines but the best move I ever made was joining the local wine group to explore the regional scene with like-minded friends. The Feline Saucer Sippers meets every week in a darkened alleyway behind the Signature BC Liquor Store on Cambie. Over the years, we've each found our favourites: Squirt likes rose; young Badger is a merlot man; and Petunia turns her nose up at everything -- but that's what happens when you invite a Siamese cat into the group.

My own tastes are on the whiter side of things. And when I started lapping this 2016 Haywire Pinot Gris -- made from organic grapes from Oliver and Summerland (the kind of places I dream of basking in on long summer afternoons) -- I knew I'd found a winner. It's dry and crisp (just the way I like it) but with some fruity, herby notes that sent my nose into an overdrive of twitching. Best of all, it pairs perfectly with my favourite foods: shellfish, roast chicken and turkey-flavoured kibble. It's the kind of sip-tastic bottle that's perfect to take to a Christmas party because you know everyone will love it -- although you might prefer to keep it at home for yourself (like I do).

Rating (out of 5):

Price: $23

Where to buy: BC Liquor Stores

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