Christmas Store

at Potter's

What: The largest Christmas store in Western Canada is right here in Surrey, a 28,000 square-foot walk-in wonderland of magical Yuletide ideas––including a cornucopia of 50,000 shimmering tree decorations (from pets to travel-themed); a sparkling array of eye-popping festive lights (many on display in a glittering Dark Room area); and a dizzying menu of garlands, wreaths and interior flourishes designed to turn your humble home into a festive palace. Additional highlights this year include a Whoville area crammed with Grinch-themed decorations plus an ice cream-themed upside down tree that will have you reaching for your camera. Also a great place to pick up stocking stuffers, there are lots of unusual gift items for sale in the store––including a full array of gourmet food items such as chocolate and traditional mince pies from Scotland.

When: November 1 to December 24, 2019

Where: Potter's, 19158 48th Avenue, Surrey

Cost: Free!

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