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2021 - TBC

Christmas Store

at Potter's

What: The largest Christmas store in Western Canada is right here in Surrey, a 28,000 square-foot walk-in wonderland of magical Yuletide ideas––including a cornucopia of 50,000 shimmering tree decorations (from pets to travel-themed); a sparkling array of eye-popping festive lights (many on display in a glittering Dark Room); and a dizzying menu of garlands, wreaths and interior flourishes designed to turn your humble home into a festive palace. Additional highlights this year include a Whoville area crammed with Grinch-themed gifts and decorations, a delicious-looking ice cream-themed tree and an amazing upside-down bee tree complete with its own huge honeycomb. Need somewhere to put all these perfect pressies? There are more than 50 Christmas stocking varieties to choose from here as well!

When: TBC

Where: Potter's, 19158 48th Avenue, Surrey

Cost: Free!