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A pair of sparkling elf boots at Soar with Santa, the festive edition of FlyOver Canada in Vancouver.
2024 - TBC

Soar with Santa at
FlyOver Canada

Soar with Santa at FlyOver Canada in downtown Vancouver

What (Information from 2023): A magical ride over what feels like every scenic sight in Canada––from the verdant crags of the East Coast via the horse-galloping fields of the prairies to the soaring, ice-capped peaks of the Rockies––this popular Vancouver attraction makes you feel like you're actually flying (look out as you cross over lofty mountain tops and catch the spay from surging waterfalls). For Christmas, the ride takes a decidedly seasonal hue as you help two twinkle-eyed elves (Pinecone and Chestnut) on a vital quest. The snowy pre-show segment sets the Yuletide tone, but keep your eyes peeled for the finale appearance of Santa's sparkling North Pole workshop and you'll depart into the night feeling fully suffused with festive cheer.

When: TBC

Where: Canada Place, downtown Vancouver

Cost: TBC

For more information, visit the official website or click on the advert above (2023 links disabled)


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