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Poinsettias on display at Bloedel Conservatory in Vancouver
2024 - TBC

Christmas at Bloedel Conservatory

What (Information from 2023): The perfect place to hang out and warm-up on Vancouver's chilliest festive season days, the landmark, climate-controlled Bloedel Conservatory makes visitors feel like they're strolling through a balmy paradise of palm trees and colourful free-flying birds. But the finches, canaries and parrots aren't the only splash of colour you'll find here at this time of year. During the holidays, the glass-domed venue is adorned with twinkling lights and extra decorations and is also home to more than 1,200 mesmerizing live poinsettia plants in a wide variety of different hues. Give yourself plenty of time here and consider arriving off-peak to avoid the crowds––this is one of the best-value Christmas-season attractions in the region and in-the-know locals come back here year after year.

When: TBC

Where: Queen Elizabeth Park, 4600 Cambie Street, Vancouver

Cost: TBC

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