Festivale Tropicale at Bloedel Conservatory

What: Vancouver's domed indoor garden attraction typically hosts a special festive edition during the Christmas season. Unfortunately, this has been cancelled in 2020.

Here's what it was like last year: There's a double celebration at Vancouver's favourite indoor flora and fauna attraction this season: both Christmas and the Conservatory's 50th anniversary year are being marked by the month-long Festivale Tropicale. The perfect place to hang out on chilly or rainy winter days, the landmark, climate controlled dome makes visitors feel like they're strolling through a warm-weather paradise of palm trees and around 150 colourful, free-flying birds. But the special festive-minded December-to-January festival adds some sparkling extras, including holiday illuminations, Christmas plants, Yuletide music, a kid-friendly Scavenger hunt and more.

When: Cancelled in 2020

Where: N/A

Cost: N/A