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2024 - TBC

Back to the Holidays

Back to the Holidays at the Improv Centre on Granville Island

What (Information from 2023): Tap into the funny side of the festive season with this laugh-a-minute improvised comedy extravaganza on Granville Island. A riotous homage to both A Christmas Carol and Back to the Future, join a wildly eccentric scientist as he helps a grasping curmudgeon to understand the true meaning of the holidays by transporting them to their tumultuous past. How will this time-travelling odyssey unfold? That's up to you decide, since the action is all directed by your shouted-from-your-seat suggestions. Improv at its finest, expect lots of giggles, larger-than-life characters, a song or two and a hearty serving of high-energy, deliciously merry mayhem. You'll'll cry...but mostly you'll laugh as this never-the-same-twice performance kicks off on stage. Keep in mind that this family-friendly show is PG, which means some material might not be suitable for younger kids.

​When: TBC

Where: The Improv Centre, 1502 Duranleau Street, Granville Island, Vancouver


Cost: TBC

For more information, visit the official website or click on the advert above (2023 links disabled)

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