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This review is from 2019

Max says: There’s nothing my cat buddies and I like better than downing a few thimbles of ale (more than a few, if you’re Tiddles) then galloping down to Granville Island to sneak into the Improv Centre’s Friday night show. Once inside, we spread out: I usually find a handbag with plenty of whisker room and some old candies in the bottom. Then, once the lights dim, it’s showtime.


Vancouver Theatre Sports improv all-stars are experts at taking audience suggestions and weaving them into a laugh-a-minute tapestry of big ol’ belly laughs. But a coordinated cat-jacking from me and the boys can really shape the evening in our favour. If you’ve been at a VTS show that takes a surprising feline turn, that was almost certainly one of the nights we were in––meowing our suggestions from every corner of the room.


We especially love it when the performers ask the audience for “places to set a scene." There is no funnier scenario than a veterinary practice where five nervous dogs are waiting to undergo the snip. Or a giant cat food factory staffed entirely by ravenously hungry tabbies. Or a catnip grow-op where the purring miscreants are smoking far too many of their own Nepeta cataria doobies. The best part is the slow on-stage realization that the moggies are in the house and the VTS team has been cat-punked yet again.


Keen to catch a show that’s as funny as a Great Dane running into a screen door? I can’t make any guarantees about when we’ll be there next—sometimes Tiddles prefers staying home on the couch eating endless bags of Friskies Party Mix. But if you want to give the gift of (possibly feline) laughter this year, why not pop some VTS gift certificates in all your Christmas cards? Your lucky recipients will certainly have a chuckle-tastic night out. And if their bag twitches during the show, it’ll probably be one of us stifling a giggle––or maybe Tiddles opening another beer.


Price: VTS gift certificates are available in any amount you choose.

Where to buy: Drop by the Improv Centre at 1502 Duranleau Street on Granville Island. Or order online here.