VSO Tiny Tots: Holiday Hooray!

What: The perfect Christmas concert for you and your restless youngsters––it's in the morning, it's just 45 minutes long and your ever-friendly hosts Lisa and Linda encourage plenty of noisy singalong action––this warm and welcoming show is aimed at every age group from babies to around five years of age. Accompanied by trumpet, trombone and tuba, expect a smile-triggering good time as your kids join in with their favourite Christmas songs, from Frosty-flavoured tunes to magical music from The Nutcracker.


When: December 6 (10am & 11:30am) in Vancouver; December 7 (10am & 11:30am) in New Westminster

Where: Pyatt Hall, 843 Seymour Street (Vancouver); Anvil Centre, 777 Columbia Street (New Westminster)

Cost: Adult $15, child $7, baby $2

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