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2023 SHOW - TBC

Broadway Chorus Holiday Show


What (from 2022): Join a sparkling cast of more than 30 Broadway Chorus singers as they perform a host of famous as well as lesser-known show tunes––at the same time as telling a thrilling, panto-esque tale about the far away kingdom of Snowman Town. The Queen's heart has frozen, leaving her unable to make perfect snowmen. But the "rejects" have a plan: to seek fame, fortune and love at the circus. From perfectly vocalized songs to clown burlesque and from inadvertent fires to forbidden snowman romance, this hilarious and irreverent show––the 42nd in the toe-tapping history of the Broadway Chorus––is the perfect rib-tickling, spirit-soaring holiday entertainment. But book soon: there are only four performances available.

​When: TBC

Where: TBC


Cost: TBC

For more information, visit the official website or click on the advert above

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