St. Paul's Hospital

Lights of Hope

Lighting Celebration

What: Downtown Vancouver's favourite festive light display is an eye-popping adornment on the front of St. Paul's Hospital: more than 10km and 100,000 bulbs strung into artful Yuletide shapes and patterns that are guaranteed to add a warming glow to your stroll along Burrard Street. The display launches its 2019 run with this smile-triggering, family-friendly party, complete with live music, streetside food trucks and a finale fireworks display. New this year is the Living Light, an interactive art installation that shines brightly when you donate (via contactless tap). Keep in mind that Lights of Hope is the hospital foundation's biggest annual fundraiser––give generously, if you can, at the site or via this link.


When: November 14, 2019 (6pm-8pm)

Where: St. Paul's Hospital, 1081 Burrrad Street, Vancouver

Cost: Free (but please donate to the hospital foundation's fund)

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