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Reflections_0491_(L-R) Sanders Whiting as Reverend Blinkers—Evelyn Chew as Gabby—Jennifer
2024 - TBC

Reflections on Crooked Walking

Reflections on Crooked Walking at Vancouver's Firehall Arts Centre

What (Information from 2023): This whimsical and delightfully captivating Juno-nominated family musical could be the hidden gem hit of this year's holiday season in Vancouver. Written by celebrated musician and Order of Canada-winner Anne Mortifee (it was her first full-length musical and was originally staged by the Arts Club Theatre Company in 1983 ), the fantastical story involves four locals who seem to be the only people still awake after a magical sleeping sickness strikes their town. Together, they venture out to find a cure, discovering that every door is magical, plants are rather good dancers and books––even when they're dusty––can be objects of inestimable love. Gather your family and head over to the heritage Firehall Arts Centre for this utterly charming Christmastime classic.

When: TBC

Where: Firehall Arts Centre 280 East Cordova Street, Vancouver

Cost: TBC

For more information and to book tickets, visit the official event page or click on the advert above (2023 links disabled)

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