Murchie's Christmas Tea

This review is from 2017

Max says: It's a little-known fact that cats love tea almost as much as we enjoy watching (and drinking) mice in a blender. And I'm happy to report that this special edition Murchie's Christmas Tea blend -- released in limited amounts every year -- has all the appeal of my favourite frothy mice concoction...without any of the chewy tail and ear parts that always get stuck between your teeth. In fact, this tea is entirely meat-free, which is a first for me in my diet -- and a testament to the expert tea blenders at Murchie's. I'm waiting eagerly for this year's tin but I'm still savouring the rich cinnamony goodness of last year's tea, with its delicious, not-too-sweet vanilla and citrus notes that make you feel as warm and toasty as a new-born kitten coddled in a thick fleece blanket. And that, of course, is what Christmas is all about.


Price: $16.95

Where to buy: All branches of Murchies, as soon as the Christmas season kicks off

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