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Kafka's Coffee & Cookie Holiday Box

Max says: It’s a little-known fact (at least to humans) that cats are coffee connoisseurs. If you’ve ever come home and found your feline companion curled up in an apparently deep sleep…but your espresso pot in a slightly different location, that’s usually because some serious java-quaffing has taken place in your absence.

While a dog (the futile waste of fur) will drink anything––puddles, toilet bowl water, spilled mystery liquids etc.––discerning moggies prefer the finer things in life. That’s why so many of us love living in Vancouver, where there’s a brimming saucerful of independent coffee shops to lap up.

And the best of the bunch, according to most local felines? Kafka’s, a three-store indie with a deep commitment to top-notch, in-house-roasted beans. My humans often buy their coffee there, but when the company recently launched an online shop, I deployed a credit card that wasn’t strictly mine to place my own order.

Perusing the pages of Kafka’s beans, java accoutrements and gift ideas, I alighted on their tempting Coffee & Cookie Holiday Box. The next day, I scampered down to my nearest Kafka’s to pick it up, hauling home a box filled with layers of tissue that would also be ideal for scrunchy paper games. Next, I invited my two favourite coffee buddies over for an impromptu Christmas party.


Morris and Mittens fully appreciate great coffee. But they also love gourmet bakery treats. My Kafka’s gift box had both: a bag of what turned out to be utterly delicious Simpler Times beans (you get a choice when you order) plus four decadent house-made Kafka’s cookies. Unfortunately, due to an uncontrollable hunger pang when I first opened the box, I had already demolished the salted chocolate chip variety, like a frenzied Cookie Monster.

My forgiving companions completely understood, though, and we shared the remaining treats equally. Morris especially loved the iced Christmas tree sugar cookie; Mittens was all over the ginger chew like a feline with a catnip ball (he especially loved the crystalized ginger finale); and I savoured the espresso cardamom sable star with golden dark chocolate drizzle––it was even better than a kingsize bag of Friskies Party Mix.

We all agreed that a Kafka’s Coffee & Cookie Holiday Box would be a perfect gift for just about everyone on your pressie list (apart from dogs). And since we were a little giddy on coffee, we decided to place a few additional orders. If the cat in your household scampers off to Kafka’s anytime soon, you’ll know why.


Price: $32

Where to buy: Coffee & Cookie Holiday Boxes can be ordered online via Kafka's website and picked-up the following day at either the Gastown, Main Street or Great Northern Way stores.

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