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2023 SHOW - TBC

Improv Centre
Holiday Show

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What (from 2022): Tap into the funny side of the festive season with this laugh-a-minute improvised comedy extravaganza on Granville Island. Join the fun and watch the show's hapless lead navigate the trials and tribulations of hosting friends, family and just about anyone else who happens to arrive for the holidays. And since this is improv at its finest, the action will be directed by your shouted-from-the-audience suggestions. Expect lots of giggles, larger-than-life characters, a song or two and a hearty serving of high-energy, deliciously merry mayhem. You'll'll cry...but mostly you'll laugh as the 90-minute, never-the-same-twice show unfolds on stage. Keep in mind that this family-friendly show is PG, which means some material might not be suitable for younger kids.

​When: TBC

Where: The Improv Centre, 1502 Duranleau Street, Granville Island, Vancouver


Cost: TBC

For more information, visit the official website or click on the advert above

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