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Red Racer Gingerhead Stout

This review is from 2017

Max says: My favourite beers are usually meat-flavoured but this dark, gingerbready stout from Surrey's finest brewery is perfect at this time of year. The ginger isn't overwhelming but it adds a nice zing at the end of your swig -- in fact, it's almost as rich and satisfying as a bowl full of cream. Not that I have a cream problem or anything: I could stop drinking that stuff anytime I want. Anyway, back to the booze. This is a great beer gift if you have a thirsty ale fan to buy for. In fact, why not create your own six-pack of great British Columbia craft beers. And if you find a vintage, thick-pouring turkey-flavoured one feel free to give me a call.


Price: $6.50

Where to buy: Government and private liquor stores around British Columbia.

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