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Eggnog & Rum

Ice Cream

by La Glace

This review is from 2017

Max says: I've lost count of the number of times I've been curled on the couch blubbing over yet another failed relationship and consoling myself with gallons of cheap ice cream (yes, I'm talking about you Tomato). But some treats are far better than the relationship you're trying to get over. I'm not saying that I purposely orchestrate break-ups just so I can faceplant into a bucket of Neapolitan but let's just say that sometimes it's a fine line (I think you know who I'm talking about Lenore).

Luckily, though, I've found a new love to break the cycle. La Glace serves housemade French-style ice cream at its charming Parisian-look parlour on the West Side. And while I've fallen for their delicious Earl Grey and Bananes Foster varieties in the past, this Christmas they've produced a rich, creamy, limited edition Eggnog & Rum flavour that makes me purr with pleasure and forget all about my unrequited loves (yes, Panda, that's you). Every decadent lick reveals a perfect combination of aromatic Yuletide spices underscored by the gentle belly-rub of winter-warming rum.

And the best part? The festive treat comes in an elegant, gold-lidded milk-glass jar that's ideal for handing out as a special gift to someone you really love -- or just keeping as a handy mouse-trapping container if you happen to be that way inclined (which I am).

Rating (out of 5):

Price: $15

Where to buy: La Glace is at 2785 W 16th Avenue, Vancouver

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