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Moisturizing Shea Butter Soap Bar (Seasonal Box)

This review is from 2017

Max says: When you smell as good as I do (Doritos, pine cat litter and notes of freshly-roasted chicken), the idea of using soap seems about as useful as a ball of rolled up paper that no one wants to throw. But not everyone is as delightfully aromatic as I am (dogs, for example) so I picked up this seasonal-looking gift soap to take it for a spin.


First of all: the picture on the box is highly misleading. Instead of making me smell like a large, scary-looking stag, a quick rub around the ears with this silky-smooth shea butter bar gave me a similar aroma to a large bunch of flowers. That would be ideal if I wanted to hide in a planter and await a curious mouse lured by the scent of geraniums but I only do that on Tuesdays and my natural Doritos aroma does the trick just as well.

Size-wise, it's an ideal and quite pretty little box for a stocking stuffer, although I prefer mine to be filled to bursting with a wide variety of easy-to-open treats. Rather than use this soap, then, I'd suggest that humans adopt the feline bathing routine that has stood the test of time since the first kitten opened its gummy little eyes: lick everywhere that you can; wet your paws to wash your face; and forget those other areas that are always just a stretch too far.


Price: $6

Where to buy: Welk's General Store, 3511 Main Street, Vancouver

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