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This review is from 2018

Max says: What is the point of wearing a hat that only looks like food? Why not just wear the food? I once had a very handsome headpiece fashioned from a large roast chicken I found hidden in the fridge (it's always finders keepers in my house). I strutted around wearing that hat for several minutes before I was almost drowned by a tidal wave of my own saliva and had to eat the whole thing immediately. Was I upset about losing my hat? Nope! Apart from having to drag around a belly the size of a small house for the rest of the day, I'd say this was the perfect end to my food-themed hat scenario -- unlike my experience with this Christmas pudding hat.


After wearing it for a while and showing it off to that snooty cat on the balcony across the street, I tried to eat the whole thing. For a start, it was very chewy and hard to swallow. It also had about as much flavour as a month-old egg carton from the recycling box (believe me: I know). But the main problem was the furballs. I like hawking up a wet, soggy mess on the nearest rug as much as anyone, but this hat triggered weeks of multicoloured projectile fur bombs that even I grew tired of after a while. The lesson: don't eat everything that looks like food, especially if its knitted.


Price: $5-$10

Where to buy: Those sketchy-looking Christmas sweater stalls that pop-up on downtown Vancouver streets like greedy pigeons on a bag of spilled breadcrumbs.

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