Traditional advent calendar & more

This review is from 2018

Max says: I think I was a German cat in a previous life: I enjoy beer; I'm a big fan of Borussia Mönchengladbach (look it up!); and I never met a fresh-cooked bratwurst I didn't like. At Christmas, this European side of my personality comes to the fore and I often trot around the German-style Vancouver Christmas Market near Canada Place, snacking on Berliner doughnuts and lapping saucers of Gluehwein (tip: too much Gluehwein makes it very likely you'll pick a fight with one of those gigantic, beady-eyed gulls hanging around on the waterfront and -- trust me -- that never ends well).

But a market visit isn't just about food, drink and biting gulls in the face. I also like to shop. This year, I picked up a traditional Christmas ornament. Made in Germany, it's been crafted from wood and tastes a bit like cheese (in my imagination). But my best buy was an old-school advent calendar. I love advent calendars and I'm very keen to see what's waiting behind the doors on this one. Usually, it's candles, wreaths and stars, although I had a disgusting puppy dog picture on December 17 last year. Let's just say that calendar didn't make it through to the end of its run...

​Rating (out of 5):

Price: Advent calendar $12.50

Where to buy: Vancouver Christmas Market, Jack Poole Plaza, downtown Vancouver