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Intricate Snowflake

What is your favourite Metro Vancouver Christmas activity this year?


On December 16, we'll choose one voter to receive a bumper Christmas gift package sponsored by Tourism Vancouver, Vancouver TheatreSports, Vancouver Christmas Ornaments and more.

And we'll also announce which attraction, event or show has been chosen as 2019's

Best Metro Vancouver Christmas Activity.


Choose any of the attractions, events or shows covered in our listings pages.

Then vote for your choice! There are two ways to register your vote:

1. Email the name of your choice using the contact form at the bottom of this page. Make sure you add the phrase 'Best Christmas Activity' to the subject line.



2. Follow us on Twitter (@MyVanChristmas) and then click the link below. Add your favourite Christmas activity to the Tweet and post it via your Twitter feed.

​A random draw will be made––by our gift correspondent Max the cat––on December 16. Deadline for all entries is December 15. The winner will be notified by 6pm on December 16.

Intricate Snowflake
Intricate Snowflake
Intricate Snowflake