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Truefitt & Hill

Grooming Products

This review is from 2018

Max says: I know what you're thinking: when your whiskers look this good, why do you even need to use product?


Well let me tell you: it's not easy looking this amazing. It takes a lot of work. And when it comes to what to use, I go straight to the premium grooming range by Truefitt & Hill, the world's oldest barbershop company. Since 1805, they've been helping men (and cool cats) look just about as good as they possibly can. And while I don't usually twizzle my facial hair into anything more exotic than a (mostly) straight line, I still like to keep things looking tip-top in case a happening lady cat strolls past (which they usually do, without stopping).

My go-to products in the Truefitt range are the Beard Oil (very tasty); Beard Balm (great for keeping my chin fuzz shiny and bristly); and Moustache Wax (ideal for maintaining ping-tastic whiskers that you can twitch in any direction with laser-pointer precision). One warning, though: the trick with all product, is to use it sparingly. I once deployed a little too much Moustache Wax on my whiskers and found I couldn't get through the doorway without turning sideways -- a lesson I've never forgotten.


Price: Beard Oil $42; Beard Balm $40; Moustache Wax $36

Where to buy: All products are available for purchase and delivery via the various Truefitt & Hill websites around the world.

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